Roleplay Rules.

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Roleplay Rules.

Post  -=DeadPool=- on Sun May 22, 2011 7:36 pm

OK you probably all know the basic rules and regulations of forumotion forums,

BUT you do not know my rules.

1. NO and i mean ABSOLUETLY NO permakilling without my permission!

2.NO GODMODING! im going to be very strict on that

3.Proper grammer is expected, if i see little tiny mispelling its ok, i will correct it. BUT if i see giant ass obvious mispellings your ass is out of here 5 year old.

4.NO SEX if i catch you breaking this rule its a immeadiate 3 day ban unlimited dodging, for example none of this: even though the face hugger has leaped at him more than five times, he has lost no stamina even though the alien behind him was holding him.


7.If you are a facehugger and manage to facehug someone dont randomly burst out like 10 minutes after the person wakes up, or by god i will smite your character off the bat. (wait around 10-20 posts and your free to burst out)

8.this follows rule 7, ok you cannot instantly remove facehuggers or chestbursters from your character.

9. you canno- fooled you. end of rules!

be sure to follow them OR DIEZ

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